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I'm Karen Calabro, Chef-Owner/former PA-C, a common-sense moderate standing up for what makes New Hampshire the best in the nation and to address the many issues we and our neighbors are facing.  With dual degrees in community psychology and medicine, and four decades of experience as a professional chef, I have learned that collaboration is at the heart of solving problems effectively.  As parents, we want quality public education and affordable healthcare, reasonably priced homes, and the freedom to practice our faith, love whomever we desire, and protect and feed our families in the way we deem best. I am committed to this dream for ALL of us, regardless of politics, and will remain focused on the big issues:



As a PCP to the homeless, I've seen what health, fate, insurance companies, and poor decisions can play in the stability of the individual and their innocent families. I also understand how to bring resources to bear to those in need, from locally organized community health centers, volunteer groups, non-profits, and peers in the community, who like me, place people over politics.  I've found that at the heart of this state, our neighbor's commitment to helping each other, rises above politics, and we need to come together with our Yankee spirit and ingenuity to expand our economy and reinvigorate community centers and Main Streets. 


My mother, a public school teacher, taught me that public education is our message to our children that we believe in them and their dreams so they can live stable, independent lives and contribute to the community in meaningful ways.  At this time, public education in New Hampshire is critically wounded, and needs reinfusion and vital support.  The exploding costs of the voucher program, far beyond what was expected, was predictable, and intended to destabilize public schools and move towards privatization. At no time should the public be propping up private institutions at the cost of underfunding public schools. This is not fiscally conservative, responsive to the problem at hand, or responsible.​ The review of the 2023-2024 legislature has shown that the Repuplicans are actively suppressing every movement to either oversee or review the efficacy of their movement, which is the most egregious.  If Republican House members are willing to ignore oversight, facts, or listen to the points on both sides, public education will fail by death of a thousand cuts.


Constitutional rights should apply to everyone equally, and laws created that strip state Constitutional rights away from any individual, endanger us all.  Residents that fall out of the realm of the "Freedom First" mantra, are placed into an even more vulnerable place than previously, and would be placed at greater risk with their extreme agenda.  This goes beyond controversial hot topic items with which our parties wish to wedge us.  This is about representation of every citizen, not just those who believe as they do.  I intend to make those who are most vulnerable feel empowered again, and bring them to the table to discuss what "Live Free or Die" really means in this state. We Yankees are perfectly good at making personal decisions. We don't need a nanny state.

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