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I’m a 24-year Hollis resident, and a new, moderate voice representing District 45 in New Hampshire’s State House for the honorable towns of Greenville, Mason, Brookline, and Hollis. It should be our goal in government to provide a vital, sustainable future while preserving Democracy and Constitutional rights for ALL.


As parents, we want to be involved with our children’s schools, and know that they’re safe.  We want to be able to hunt and fish to feed ourselves, nurture and protect our families, drink clean water, and eat healthy food grown locally. We want to have timely access to high-quality, low-cost health services, and an educational future for ourselves and our children that will not bankrupt us. We want to feed, heat, or cool ourselves without being price gouged in a home that we can afford to live and retire in.  We also want to worship or not worship whatever religion and love whomever we wish in privacy without government intrusions.


I’m tired of the distractions in the news whose inflammatory words on both sides serve only to divide us from our neighbors and our collective and personal goals at a time when we should be unifying and strengthening our state.  We should be guarding it against those who would keep us fighting with each other endlessly about topics, when we should be convening on values and issues. These distractions are planted to create division. Theirs are not my priorities and we must not lose focus of what matters to us all. I know that nothing ever gets done without collaboration, without teamwork, as you cannot legislate people’s minds, and that the answer always lies somewhere in the middle.

Lastly, I believe democracy ensures that the balance of power never swings too far to one side, and as a moderate, I can ensure that everyone remains at the table, rather than outside the door, losing rights at the hands of those who place ideologies over individuals. I truly embrace the notion of “Live Free or Die,” and feel it should apply to all our citizens, not just the ruling party. So, we must try to do this together, rise above these times, and maintain our grace and collective purpose. Because NH deserves our collective best if we hope to preserve her for ALL. 


What our community needs today are locally involved leaders who put people over politics and know how to build solutions from very little more than Yankee spirit and ingenuity. With dual degrees in both community psychology and physician assistant medicine, and a former and renewed career spanning four decades as a professional chef and owner of a community-based market that gives 5% of profits to the most vulnerable in our state: the disabled, Veterans, homeless, formerly incarcerated, and those in active recovery, I am eager and prepared to continue to tackle the confusing and frustrating financial, educational, and healthcare issues facing Granite Staters today. I ask you today to stand up with me for New Hampshire, and for your vote in 2024

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