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International Brotherhood of Teamsters

I will protect the rights of the working class, and those organizations whose sole purpose is to see that their workers have a living wage, a future, and the promise that they are protected by their collective family of unions.

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Public schools know that I am here to see that they get the resources they need to do the job, the training to learn what they don't, and bring their environment back to that which attracts the finest teachers and keeps them in our communities, and in the effort, provide a place where our children can grow regardless of their geography or wealth.

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The effects of Covid and stressors from daily live have many Granite Staters unable to cope with life on its terms without substances, dysfunctional behaviors, and other more dangerous behaviors that can affect us all as a community, such as clogging ER's and taking up hospital beds when it could have been avoided. As a former Mobile Crisis Medical Lead, Mental Health (I prefer the term Brain Health) is a huge priority, and funding it properly a crucial lifeline to many who struggle.  Call 211 if you know anyone in trouble. 

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